Freelance Fiend Fall update!

   Feel that chill? it's not your dead soul, it's fall sweeping in. But before we completely succumb to the change of seasons, there's a thing or two happening over at the Freelance Fiend Compound.....

-First things first, a few weeks from now, the fall line of vintage will be released. Expect lots of weather-practical denim, medium weight jackets, killer boots, hats, and a ton of other stuff. Stay tuned for a more specific release date. 

-The white T's that came into existence during the launch- Those are almost gone and then they will be gone forever. I toyed with the idea of reprinting but I like the idea of them being special.....just like YOU! There had been a big response about reprinting the 'What the fogerty' shirts but it's possible that the concept will return, but in a different form of merchandise.

-If you are local- in the Twin cities, Freelance Fiend will be doing one last outdoor pop-up on W. 7th in St. Paul by the Bearded Mermaid- Sept 30th around noon. Theres going to be summer clearance at killer deals! Mama's gotta make room on the merchandise closets for more gems.

-Giveaways! mid October there will be a few different Giveaways so get ready to win cool shit!

-Fall/Winter events: In the Midwest we are unfortunately a bit limited on what we can do when the weather goes to shit. I have been working with some other ideas with local creatives on how we can keep the magic alive during the winter. So don't give up!

-I'm including some shots of my friend Hana, and myself of a little lo-fi mini shoot we did a few weeks back that I haven't posted- because things have been bananas lately.