Vantastic Voyage: Part 2

So where did we leave off? Oh this is the part where my friend Shannon volunteered to go on an adventure. The original plan had been to ship the van back to myself after completing the purchase. But time was of the essence here because the previous owner was itching to get the van sold and the long distance deal-making was getting a little stressful. So less than two weeks prior to the trip, Shannon jumped on board to help me get the van back in one piece.

Since I'm not from the midwest originally, I have poor concept of distances between states. If you take the path of least resistance, you can get from St Paul, MN to Fort Collins, CO in about 11 hours give or take. I had no idea it was so close. I was dead set on seeing the Black Hills so I planned our return trip through Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota. But we'll get back to that. 

Shannon and I flew into Denver on a sunday morning around 7am. Once we got there we went downtown and had breakfast with an old friend of mine while we waited for a family friend to pick us up and drive us to Fort Collins to pick up the van. Everything went smoothly- I got to see my friend and catch up and right when we finished breakfast it happened that our ride had just gotten into town and was 3 blocks away. Dave, the van owner, had asked me if he could have until 1pm to put some finishing touches on the van that day. After a short drive and a stop over at the family friends house, I arrived at Dave's place at 12:59pm. That was the first time I had seen the van in real life and it was love at first sight I'm not even kidding.

There was this white, pristine little shorty van-  and I was about to fork over the remaining balance for it. And it was going to be MINE. It was interesting meeting Dave in person, too. Over our weeks of communication I had learned a lot about him and it almost felt like he was an old friend when I saw him.I couldn't wipe the huge grin from my face and while Dave gave me a full tour of the entire inside and outside of the van- it was like I could see his mouth moving but I couldn't hear a thing. I was just on cloud 9. I was blissed out. This van was the real deal- and it was even better than I had imagined. 

Shannon, Dave and I too the van out for a 45 minute test drive and I was able to get a feel for all the little tips and tricks. Did i mention how fucking stoked I was??!!