It's Been a minute! Also.........Full Tilt Boogie 2017

WHOA. I have completely neglected this blog lately. The thing is, I have been putting so much into Freelance Fiend, I haven't had time to really get on here to blog but I am about to change that. Between fulfillment of orders, arranging for future shoots, hunting for killer vintage, applying for business grants, designing new shit for fall release, and prepping for Full Tilt- I've been going a little crazy. But now the dust is settling and I'm already making new shit that, as promised, is bigger and better than the basics I started with.

Last weekend was Full Tilt Boogie- an event put on by Zac, of Heavy Clothing, Pete, of 7th st Tattoo in St Paul, and Spencer, of Tiger Rose in Minneapolis. Full tilt is a Chopper show that I have been to every year since I moved here about 4 years ago. It's pretty killer to see it get bigger, better, and more developed every year. Full Tilt combines Choppers, Music, vendors, and this year for the first time- Vans too. Music included local favorites Zig Zag Wanderer, High Graves, and Rover-from St. Louis. This year was a big turn out for vendors and there was tons of vintage, records, T-shirts, jewelry, chopper goods, and more. 

I have to admit I spent most of the show hungover as hell, dying of dehydration, hotter than hell in sun, confined to my shop space. But when you run the shop yourself- that comes with the territory. There was a really good blend of vintage between myself and 3 other vendors. Freelance Fiend had a good flow of business all day and it was really rad to meet new people and network- oh- AND sell-sell-sell! The good turn out at Full Tilt helped me get tons of business and made all my suffering worth while.

Having vans this year at Full tilt was so Rad! I didn't get to participate in van-hangs because I was busy working but it felt so good to have my little van there. I gotta cut this short so I can get to work here- but I'm including some shots from FTB2017!