Black Pussy, Buffalo Fuzz, Blinds @ Turf Club

Wednesday night I hit the Turf Club for the Black Pussy show. All controversy aside, I genuinely appreciate the sound Black Pussy has, and especially enjoy their live shows where they really come alive. The local supporters included two Minneapolis bands Buffalo Fuzz, and Blinds.

Buffalo Fuzz opened up with a killer set with fuzzy blues-heavy riffs and killer vocals. This was my first time seeing them play live and I was pretty blown away. I was especially into their Cream cover of "Sunshine of your love". Buffalo's singer, Jared, has a broad vocal range with soulful depth that can be as gritty as it is smooth- it was layered perfectly over the drums and guitar.  This two piece is without a bass player, but I felt like they pulled it off well with just guitar and drums. Let's ignore the bass players in the audience bemoaning the lack of bass- I was just fine without it. We can officially  add this band to the ranks of my favorite local acts. 

Blinds were sandwiched between the headliner and the opener. I felt like this was a sort of peculiar placement for the band as their sound didn't flow and transition well between the two. Though the show can go on without every band jiving, it felt somewhat choppy having them between. Self-described as a blend of "Kings of Leon, Interpol, and Ty Sygall", I was skeptical but approached their set with an open mind. I'm a big fan of Sygall and picked up on some of his influence in their music, but the range of style in each song worked against them. Variety is good but having a niche is better. 

Black Pussy. This band hailing from my homeland of Portland, OR, always seem to get plenty of attention and press. But I'm not here to talk about that. I wanna talk about their sound. Their aesthetic. Black Pussy is one of those bands whose recorded material does not do them justice. In fact, I prefer their live sound as it combines well with their overall vibe and gives you a chance to experience something. I gotta say I usually feel enveloped in their heavy psychedelic sound and entranced by their performance in general. This time was no different. Dustin's tripped out, distorted, dream-like vocals over layers of organ, solid riffs, on-point drum beats, and grooved-out bass lines- it was far out. And can i briefly mention how their wardrobe skills have really grown into something so well put together? I mean shit, they out-dressed me.  With their perfectly creased bellbottom slacks and patterned polyester button ups- I couldn't really compete...

Photos: 1) Buffalo Fuzz, 2) A picture of Zac just cuz, 3) Black Pussy