AAAAAAAND FINALLY! Launch Website or die trying, ammiright?!?

I have always considered myself a go-getter, but the amount of work i put into getting my brand and website off the ground....holy shit.

I really wanted to document everything as I went along, but as a one-woman-show, with a full time day job on top of this- no way man. I have been selling vintage through Etsy and Big Cartel for damn near 10 years, but launching a site with self-generated foot traffic is a whole new animal to me. this endeavor has been scary, exciting, spendy, stressful, trying, satisfying, and a big learning experience. Combining my love for vintage, my new line of vintage-inspired T's, my portfolio of graphic design work/wardrobe styling, and this blog- it's been a dream for a while and now I'm slowly making it happen.

My very first photo shoot with Photographer Kristina Labbe was KILLER. Kristina knocked it out of the park. Known largely for her photography in the hip-hop scene, and her wedding photography for Morningside Productions, she stepped outside of her comfort zone and made me super proud. Part product shoot, part lookbook, part website content- the first shoot was a lot to take on. With the help of models Nina, Shannon, Megan, Dane, Marc, Colin, and a few brief cameos from myself, we re created the 70's vibe fitting for the clothing I sell.  Here are some or her shots from that day.........