"I'm gonna live like a freelance fiend- I'm gonna build all my castles on top of my dreams"

                                      - LEAF HOUND, 1971



Leaf Hound, one of the most underrated heavy-blues-rock of the 70's, said it best. The lyric resonates with me because to me it means doing your own thing that you're super fucking into and cultivating it to form your reality or future.

The concept behind Freelance Fiend is a culmination of ideas and passion that make me tick. Freelance Fiend is a one-woman-show.  Merging freelance design, vintage, wardrobe styling, blogging, and music into one idea - it just made sense.

Everything you see now is only a start.

Unless  otherwise noted, all layout /content, designs, wardrobe styling, blogging, branding, marketing, and concept comes directly from myself. This means I made my logo, I styled my shoots and picked locations/concepts, Screen printed T's are designed by myself, I do the blogging, I've created the branding and have developed ideas to market the concept. 

But this is only the skeleton. I have a lot more to do. You can buy T shirts and a fraction of my vintage collection here right now, but things are going to expand and grow so keep checking back.  Fall collection of vintage and printed merchandise are coming soon as well as a refined version of my portfolio, and will be more in the swing of blogging. For now, this page itself should give you a flavor of the idea.